Mid Life Athlete

S2E11 From GP to running coach & author

February 03, 2022 Jason Smith & Greg Ryan Season 2 Episode 11
Mid Life Athlete
S2E11 From GP to running coach & author
Show Notes

Greg and Jason chat to Dr Juliet McGrattan about her personal journey as a runner but also her incredible story of how she went from a running mum and practising GP to author, speaker, podcaster, and coach.  A passionate advocate for exercise as means to maintain our health and wellbeing, Juliet has just published her second book, Run Well.  Juliet was also kind enough to answer some running questions from female listeners.

For more information on Juliet, her story and books check out her website: https://drjulietmcgrattan.com/

Her Active Health podcast is: https://www.wispsports.com/listen/active-health

Juliet has been instrumental in setting up a women's global running community -  https://www.261fearless.org/ & runs the UK community - https://www.261fearless.org/261clubuk/

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